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Unlock your creativity and capacity for growth

So often in our busy lives, we do not take the time to reach our full potential as human beings rather than human "doings."  In my practice, I foster an environment of curiosity, mindfulness and creative expression using music, movement, writing and art to help you expand self expression, creative flow.  The coaching relationship provides an opportunity for you to have a partner in this journey of self discovery in  a safe and supportive space. You’ll learn what works for you and what best supports your process and ongoing practices. By working together. you will develop tools and skills to get beyond limiting thoughts and beliefs that will lay the groundwork for building a strong, sustainable and nourishing creative practice.  This work is joyful, playful and soulful and supports authentic self discovery.

Coaching fees

60 min: $80
90 min: $125
ask me about sliding scale

What you can expect:
  • confidentiality
  • a welcoming, nurturing judgment free and creative space


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